Monday, August 4, 2008


Okay... here is the latest for our Andrews Family Service Projects... It's so fun to have Nick and Little Avery helping do them now with Preston and I!

I have a very dear friend who's sister lost her life as a victim of Domestic Violence. She was an amazing woman and didn't deserve the fate that laid before her. "In remembrance of Natalie, a tree was planted on the grounds of "The Christmas Box House".... a shelter for children who are victims of Domestic Violence. During a tour of the facility it was mentioned that one item usually in short supply at the center was underwear. Hearing this, Natalie's father made a comic remark about his grandson, Carter who loved to joke about underwear. He also remembered that his granddaughter, Clara loved all colors of socks. Natalie's father went on to say that he felt his grandchildren would love to know that the kids that came to stay at the Christmas Box house would always receive new underwear and socks. Natalie's family wanted to establish a memorial in memory of Natalie and in honor of her children that would help people in need. A dresser was chosen as the symbol of this loving memorial. A professional artist came and painted this dresser in honor of Natalie and a plaque now resides next to it.. the name given to the dresser is.. "Natalie's Dresser". This family has been very important to me for several years and we love them dearly. Several times, Preston and I have taken underwear and socks to the Christmas Box house in honor of Natalie... but we realized that there are several other items also very much needed. So, with the permission from Natalie's family... I thought this would be a great project to take on to help these kids who are victims of such horrific acts. I thought if I could get the word out... and get the help from our great family and friends, that this project could be as successful as the ones we've taken on in the past. If you would like to help us in this great cause we would appreciate your kindness. Below is a list of items that are needed. You can drop them off at the office for me or my home. If needs be, I can also come pick them up. If you have any questions, please let me know! You can contact me with a remark on the blog.. or email me at Let's help support this wonderful organization and give these kids a little bit of love in their lives. I will be taking donations until Sept. 1. 2008 .. I'd like to have everything in so I can drop it off no later than Sept. 2nd. You can check out the Christmas Box House website at If you go to "How to help" You can click on the location. I am going to be helping the Ogden location.


We are in need of new items for children and teens.

Children's Clothing (all sizes)
Pajamas, Summer & Winter (all sizes)
New socks & underwear
Shoes (all sizes)
Large size diapers & Pull-Ups (sizes 3,4,5)
Baby formula (Enfamil w/iron LIPIL most used.)
Baby Wipes
Trial size tissues & wipes
Clorox Wipes
Rubber gloves
Sun Screen
Lotion, soap, hair care items
Children's Shampoo
Children's toothpaste
Craft kits/activities for all ages
Puzzles (New)
Glue Sticks & Markers & Ink Pens
Spiral Notebooks
Scrapbook supplies
Birthday wrapping paper & ribbon
Birthday kits (cake mix, frosting, etc)
Children's DVDs & VHS
Infant Toys
Kid's music CDs
Kid's exercise videos
Soccer balls, volleyballs, basketballs, outdoor balls
Water fun toys
Large & small plastic totes
Bed Pillows (standard size)
Portable radios/headsets
Paper plates
Snack foods and Juice Boxes

Thanks so much for your help! You will never know just how much your kindness can touch the lives of others!

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alli said...

You are such an inspiration, and a truly lovely person! I love your blog and I love you! You do so many wonderful things for people and I hope it comes back to you 100times! Alli