Friday, August 29, 2008

A Week with our Family, a Fun Trip to Lava Hot Springs.. and AVERY IS WALKING!

Okay! This week has been so fun, yet so busy! You know we had our family reunion of my side of the family... this week.. we were able to have a great week with Nick's Mom who was in town from South Dakota.. his sister Kathy and Niece Carlin who were also in from Denver. This week went by so fast! It makes me sad because I miss them so much when they are gone! We were able to go up to Rex's house in Lava for the weekend! Talk about fun! (Rex is Nick's brother-in-law.) He owns a home in Lava on the Golf Course that has views to die for! It was so pretty. We stayed up in the loft and were able to look out over the golf course because the whole front of the home is windows! We went swimming at the pools, Carlin, Nick and Preston went off the high dives... I was going to, but Chickened out! ha! ha! I even went up there to jump and as Nick went... I bailed! I can't believe I didn't dare do that anymore! I used to go off the high dive ALL the time! Now I'm a CHICKEN! ha! ha! Bock! Bock!

When we were getting ready to go.. Avery fell asleep in her High Chair! So of course.. I had to get photos.. once we got up there we were able to veg out and watch TV and just relax! Nick went 4 wheeling with Rex on Saturday, so Carlin and I along with Preston and Avery went to the pool! It was lots of fun! Nick's nephew Seneca came up on Saturday too.. so we had a great time hanging out with the family! Later that night Kathy played on the 4 wheeler along with Preston.. and then they all went golfing. Avery, Nick and I watched them out the window.. It was pretty cool! Sunday, it was back to the pool for some more fun! This time Ramona (Nick's Mom) and Nick went with us! Then Kathy and Carlin came and hung out at our house for a few more days while Ramona went and stayed with Bubba, Nick's brother. We were able to have lots of family dinners during the week.. so we had some great quality time! It was very sad to see them go! I'm such a baby because I always cry! I just wish they lived closer so we could see them more often! I love them just like my own family!

We have some great news! AVERY IS WALKING! Yeah! ha! ha! She has been walking all over the house today! We are so excited! We only wish that Nick's Mom and Sister could have stayed a day longer! So we had to make several phone calls! It's so cute! She thinks she's so BRAVE! She's been taking steps for a few weeks now.. but she is walking all over tonight! We are so happy! She looks so cute and loves it when you say, "Yeah!" She starts clapping and yells, Yeah too! We love that little girl so much! Hope you'll agree just how cute she is!

Preston started school! I still can't believe that he is in 8th Grade and taller than I am! He's going to be playing comp baseball again for a new team. He's way excited because the coach is really great! The team name is kind of cool too! It's "The Sandlot". Fun huh? Especially where that is one of our all time favorite movies. He's excited because The Sandlot is also a baseball facility where they teach Hitting and pitching too! It's a really neat facility with great coaches.. so to be on the team will be a great help for Preston. I think he's going to learn even more than he already knows. So it will be exciting to see him progress even more!

Nick and I have just pretty much been doing the same old same! Enjoying the kids, working and trying to keep up with all the things that go on in our lives!

We just want all our family to know just how much we love them! We both have great families! I don't know how we got so lucky! We love you guys and miss those of you who are far away VERY much! Thank goodness for email, phones and BLOGS! ha! ha! Love you guys!

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