Thursday, July 17, 2008

Our Camping Get Away and a Trip to the Pool... Plus a 1st Place Win for Nick! Yeah!

Well... we've been so busy doing fun things that I had to add two things to one post! Last weekend we went up camping with my Sister Christy and her husband Dusty and their kids! It was a riot! It was so nice to get away and just relax and do NOTHING! I can't even tell you the last time I was able to just sit around and relax and read a book and enjoy myself! The only thing that caused a little problem was my allergies! Man, those dang cottonwood trees! My eyes were giving me greif, but we managed thanks to the Sis and Brother-in-law... or Cousins.. it depends on what side of the family you look at it! ha! ha! I love you guys! How many people have a sister and brother-in-law on one side... and then have them be your cousins on the other! ha! ha! My sister is my cousin! ha! ha! Anyway, we were in the best campsite... lots of shade and there was even grass so we could put a blanket down and let Avery play! She had a ball with her cousins too! Thanks Chris.. and Dusty for letting us come on your little family get away!

Then... a day later.. back in the real world.. we took another little break and went to the pool! Man, it was HOT! So the water felt very nice! I got a bit of a sunburn.. imagine that! ha! ha! and I even used strong sunscreen! It never fails... the sun and I don't get a long well! ha! ha! Thanks Dad for the fair skin! ha! ha! Avery is such a little fish! She had a ball! As I've told you before .. she loves the slides! It was lots of fun! My mom went and took my sister's kids.. and also my brothers kids! So we had the whole clan! Preston was glad that his buddy Tucker went too! Preston and Tucker had their golf league and then headed over after. It was fun.. he loves hanging out with his cousins.... so we had a great day! They boys kept going down the fast slide to see how far they could soar.. they flew.. it was pretty fun to watch! I have such a good family.. on both sides! Mine and Nicks... I don't know how we got so lucky!

Also.. I have to mention! My hubby had a fishing tournament this weekend.. so it was just me and the kids that went up with my sis camping... anyway.... he won 1st place! Yeah! Honey! It was a nice win for him and we are all very proud of you! We have another plaque to hang on our wall! He's been placing in all of them, but to win it against all those other anglers is a great accomplishment! Way to go Baby!


Tucker Family said...

Sounds like red neck fun!!!

Levi & Meg said...

Avery is getting so big Kerrie!! We need to get together again while it is still warm outside. Levi is selling his boat so we can buy a place so lets plan a day we can take the boats out and barbecue. Tel Nick I didn't say Hi