Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Fikstad Family Campout and Avery's Cute Hair

So after 5 days up camping.. in a tent and in the dirt.. it sure was good to be home. Being able to shower was to die for! ha! ha! We went Wednesday and came home Sunday from our annual Fikstad Family Camp out. We camped up at Memorial Campground up by Causey Dam. The kids had a ball floating the river, playing night games with their cousins and just camping! It was so much fun being able to see all my Aunts, Uncles and cousins. Can you believe that my Grandma Fikstad has over 100 Grand kids... including Great and Great Great... Yes, we have a large family! But as I've always said.. the more the merrier! Can I just tell you though.. it's so hard to go camping in a tent with little Miss Avery! Man.. I had to take everything but the kitchen sink.. and wouldn't that have been wonderful to have! ha! ha! If it would have been able to have running water! I kept taking Avery down to the little dam that was by our campground and she kept wanting to get in the water! I thought it would be way too cold for her, but she kept wanting to get in it. I put her feet in it thinking that would cure her! Boy, was I wrong! She kicked and splashed and cracked up... so we trekked back to the tent.. put on her swim suit.. and headed back to play in the river! She LOVED it! After about 45 minutes I thought we'd get some lunch and a drink because it was really hot up there.. anyway.. when I got her out.. she freaked out! She didn't want to get out! As you will be able to tell by her face.. she was in hog heaven! She loves the water! Preston gave me a scare on Thursday... he, Parker, Kaitlynn and her friend Kaylee went tubing from Causey down to the Meadows Campground... it takes about an hour and a half, so my dad was going to take the truck down to pick them up.. they never came back... and they never came back. They were over an hour an a half late... so my sister and I went looking. On the way down, we passed my dad with NO kids. I freaked. He said he couldn't find them. So Christy and I went looking in every campground even though my dad already did... still nothing. I was a bit of a wreck! Finally my dad found them down at the Meadows... they had a tube pop and had to walk at least a half mile down the river.. got leaches on them and were tired and scared. It was getting dark and I was in a panic.. they were all okay Thank Goodness!

We always have a dutch oven dinner on Saturday where pretty much everyone makes something.. I even took the task to make potatoes.. that were yummy! Thanks so Nick and my Dad... Nick whipped it up for me and my Dad watched the coals! ha! ha! I really was going to do it by myself... but I was helping giving out prizes to the kids after the water games! It was a good weekend... even though I didn't get to relax too much! Nick didn't come up until Friday night so I ventured in the tent alone with Avery. Preston slept in Parkers tent with him.. so he thought that was cool! He looks up to his cousin and they are good friends. I was really excited to read my Breaking Dawn book seeing how I got it over a week late.. .but I didn't get much reading done! So I'm now one of the last ones to know how it ends! ha! ha! We also had several Humming Birds that fed in our campground. Mom and Dad brought up a feeder and there were about a dozen birds who camped with us all weekend long! I got some photos... it was really neat!

Today I took the task of putting Avery's hair in pig tails.. I thought it would be a task.. but she sat so good! I turned on the sink water and she played.. go figure.. in the water while I did it! I had to show photos! It looked so cute.. I had to share!

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