Friday, January 21, 2011

Lots and Lots of Fun Stuff!

Okay! So I am a HUGE Slacker! It has been FOREVER since I've last posted.. so there is a lot that we've missed! The really sad thing is.. there will have to be another post to catch up! ha! ha! Tell me I have a busy life! I don't even know what day it is anymore! So let's start with Avery's Preschool Thanksgiving Feast! What a ball she had!
They played Lots of games, sang songs and had a great Thanksgiving Lunch! She thought it was so cool being blindfolded playing, "Pin the Feather on the Turkey"! What a crack up it was watching her trying to walk all dizzy!
As you all well know.. Avery LOVES to sing and dance! So singing songs and doing the actions to them is right up her alley! :)
We went bowling with our Dear Friends, the Vernons. This was Avery's very first time bowling and she had a great time! Especially because her boyfriends were there! This is Avery with Charlie or Char Char as we call him.. whom she thinks she's going to marry! :) We LOVE Char!
Avery was such a goon! She takes bowling SO SERIOUS! "Why So Serious?" She's jump up and down with her hands in the air saying, "YES!" every time she knocked pins over! Then she'd go and give us ALL high fives and hugs! We just love our girl! :)
This is her other boyfriend, Robbie. Robbie is Chars twin brother.. even though they don't look like twins they are! They are some of my adopted kids! I am SO glad Preston has made such good friends.. and we kind of like them too! The WHOLE FAMILY!!!
Preston just hanging out.. enjoying getting his picture taken! NOT! ha! ha! He's just making him Mommy Happy!
This is Avery's Very FIRST Roll down the alley! As you can tell.. she's a Pro! You should see her on the WII! She kicks all of our butts! Literally!
Avery and her Bubba! He's such a good big brother.. always helping his little sis!
Ready.. Set.. ROLL!
Avery was also able to go to the Tree House Children's Museum with her Preschool class! She HAD to get on the Bull because she thinks she's going to ride a bull one day! What she doesn't know is.. this is as close to it as she's going to get! :)
She thought driving the Fire Truck was so cool! She loved thinking she was driving with sirens and going to help people!
These are the kids in her Preschool! Some of her besties are in this class!
Avery got to be part of the play they put on! She was the little kitty in the story about the chicken who needs help planting her garden and growing the seeds and harvesting the garden to make bread.. but no one wanted to help until she made the bread and then they all wanted to eat it! I can't remember the name of the story, but it was pretty funny! She actually got a little shy! I was kind of funny watching her act shy! Not her nature!!
Hey Kitty! Kitty!
Preston made the State Scout Team and had the opportunity to go to Peoria, Arizona over Halloween to play baseball at the Mariners/Padres Spring Training Stadium and play in front of lots of college and Major League Scouts! What a GREAT opportunity this was!
Avery loves to go out after Preston's games and help him put his stuff away! What a great helper! I love these two kids SO Much!
Preston up to bat! Pitcher has a Rubber Arm! Okay! So we don't yell that! He had a great hit at this at bat! He got a line drive out to left center for a double! Yeah!!
Miss Avery on Halloween hanging out at the ball park! She loves the ball park!
Preston behind the plate! He's such a good little catcher!
Mr. Melle posing next to the little baseball player! That's my handsome boy!
My Mom went with the kids and I to Peoria! What a ball we had! Preston played ball all day on Halloween and then they had a big Halloween party that night at the stadium. (Halloween was on Sunday this year so they celebrated Halloween on Saturday.) We stopped in Las Vegas on the actual Halloween day and night.. and boy was that an eye opener! ha! ha! Note to self and every one else... DON'T go to Las Vegas on Halloween if you have little kids!!! YIKES! ha! ha! You'll see ALL kinds of things walking around!
Preston and Avery visiting the Pumpkin Man! I thought Avery would have been scared of this guy... but Nope! She wasn't!
Preston down on the Field at Home Plate! He had to go check out what it was like behind the plate! Hhhmmmm! I wonder if he is a catcher?
Avery having fun at one of the many games!
Grandma Taylor with Preston and Avery! We were so glad Grandma got to go with us!
Preston at the Fall Classic in Peoria at the Mariners Field.
Having a little down time at the Hotel swimming in the pool! Who would have thought the kids would have been able to swim over Halloween! Only in Arizona! Peoria was such a NICE place! We LOVED it!
Preston getting ready for another at bat! He hit so well down there! I was SO proud of him!
Grandma and Avery playing around before the game! Can you believe the Sunset? They were SO beautiful! We went to the Swap Meet this day and had a ball! Who knew there would be so much fun stuff at a Swap Meet!
Preston and the team after a great win! Good Job Boys!
Preston in between games! He bruised his hand pretty good.. so we had to hurry and ice it!
Avery at the Padres field! She loves watching her brother playing baseball!Avery at the ball park checking out the cactus! She had never seen a cactus before! I had to keep telling her NOT to touch it! ha! ha!
Preston and Brody at after a great game! Brody is one of Preston's good friends he has played ball with for several years and become very good friends with! They even go to the same high school and now get to play school ball together too! Brody is another one of my adopted boys! His Dad has been one of Nick's Best Friends for 30 years! So they are more like family! :) Love these guys!
Avery the night before we went to Arizona! My Mom's ward had a Trunk or Treat the night before so we went and let Avery Trick or Treat. We weren't sure what there would be available in Arizona.. so we let her get in one of her Princess outfits and get some candy! So by the time the weekend was over.. she had more candy than she knew what to do with! That's when you say, "Hi Mr. Garbage Can!" ha! ha! Don't tell her that though!
Avery posing at the Trunk or Treat in one of her many princess outfits! Her Butterfly wouldn't have been warm enough for Utah! :) Avery and Kierra posing after she let Avery put make up on both of them! What a great sport she is!
Preston got asked to a dance by Shaylee, one of my VERY Best Friends.. .April's daughter. This is Shaylee and April before they left for the dance. We went to Lehi and stayed at their house so the kids could go to the dance. Shaylee and Preston have known each other since birth and have been very best friends ever since! Once again... they are more like Family! Love these guys!
Avery and Preston the Priest before the dance! They had a great time! We all went to the Olive Garden.. dropped the kids off at the dance.. then took them to the Haunted Forrest in Lehi!
The Medieval Princess and the Priest! What a crack up! LOVE IT!
The Priest.. getting ready for his Very First High School Dance!
Avery at the ball park once again in Bozeman Montana! Preston's Scout Team travels all over and plays in front of scouts! What a great opportunity! Miss Avery here.. makes all kinds of friends where ever she goes! :)
Nick giving Scott a Big ol' Kiss! We're all still wondering if they've really been such good buddies for all these years.. or just because???? I'm thinking there might be more to it! The Rich's were with us too because Preston and Brody play on the same Scout team too!
Preston rounding third base in Bozeman, MT. This was such a great trip! It's So pretty there!

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