Friday, January 28, 2011

More of our Lives to catch up on!

Our Little Miss Avery just LOVES Playing in the snow! So I thought I'd take a few photo's of her looking cute in her snow attire! :)
Making Snow Angels for the very first time! She thought that was awesome! She said, "If they are angels then am I making my Uncle Shayne?" I about started to cry! How do you tell a 3 year old the difference of a snow angel and a real angel with out crying?? Oh I love her! She is so Close to the spirit it amazes me!
Trying to make snow balls!
The sun was kind of bright and she didn't want to wear her sunglasses at first! So she is squinting in most of her photos!
This is my studly man playing basketball! He's now playing in the high school league. His team is the only sophomores in the league so they are playing against all Jrs. and Seniors. They lost their first game by 5 pts to a bunch of HUGE seniors! Then they have beaten everyone else! Yeah! They are pretty dang good for being the only sophomore team!
He got fouled pretty hard here! So now he gets his free throws!
Little Miss Avery cheering her brother on! She is so funny at these games!
Getting ready for the rebound!
Preston throwing in to his buddy Bryson! This is Preston on Christmas day sporting his New Utah Utes sweatshirt and fixing his new stereo system. He's so easy to please! :) My Cute Mom at our house on Christmas Day! I have the best Mom! She does so much for me and my family!
Avery on her New Bike Santa Brought! She is in Hog Heaven! She didn't even care that it was colder than the North Pole!
My Papa! I love him so much! I couldn't have a better Dad! I don't know what I would do without him!
Grandpa Taylor helping Avery learn to ride her new bike! He's such a good Grandpa! Avery getting it all figured out!
Grandpa and Grandma Taylor with the kids at our house on Christmas!
Nick's Brother "Uncle Bub" with Avery on Christmas Morning!
Avery showing us her cute little snowman decoration she made for us at Preschool for Christmas! She did such a good job!
Preston and Avery helping each other open presents on Christmas Morning! It was so fun! They each took a turn and helped the other! They are such good little buddies! I couldn't have two better kids!
Our Christmas Countdown showing that it is time for Santa to come! :) Yeah!
A close up of my cute boy! I got a new lens for my camera... so I was practicing! :)
Avery can have such wild hair in the morning! ha! ha! She's still cute though! ha! ha!
Avery showing off her new Woody and Jesse dolls! I think Santa spoiled these two! Avery on her New Bike! She is SO EXCITED! We had to bribe her to make her want to stay in! She didn't care that it was 6 am. She wanted to go out and ride her bike! ha! ha! Funny Girl! Preston and Avery SO excited to see what Santa had brought! Preston was cracking up over Avery! She was a crack up on Christmas morning!
Avery coming down the hall to see what Santa left during the night!
Boy did Santa Spoil us! This is what we woke up to! The children all nuzzled in bed! While Sugar Plums dance in their heads! Normally we sleep out in the front room with the Christmas Tree lights on and wait for Santa! There was NO way we were going to be able to that this year! Avery wouldn't have gone to sleep! She wanted to sleep with her brother and they both went to sleep Fast! Avery saw Santa's red light on the way home and new Rodolph was Super close. Santa had come and gone by 9:30 pm. Sure beats last years 3 am! ha! ha! He even had time to watch the Christmas Story and relax and eat his cookies! Wish every year could be so good!
Christmas Eve at Grandpa and Grandma Taylor's with all the grand kids in their new Jammie's! I can't believe we have so many now! There's Breanne and Chad, Parker, Kaitlynn, Emily, Kaylynn, Bailey Rose and Baylie Rae, Shaylie, Hunter, Tyler and Preston and Avery! We can't forget our favorite puppies.. Charlie and Roxie either! Avery is the 10th grandchild on my side and the 50th great grandchild on my mom's side! Crazy huh? Avery and her Cousin Breanne! She LOVES Breanne! Her and Breanne are Buds! :) She is so lucky to have lots of great cousins who she loves! Avery and Preston showing off their new Christmas Jammie's! Avery got to see Santa SEVERAL times this year! Santa came to her Preschool party and Avery and the kids got to have breakfast with Santa!
We always go to Christmas Village every year to see the lights! It's so fun to see all the amazing displays and colors of lights!
Preston's buddy Tucker went with the kids and I this year! Tucker is just like one of my own! He and Preston have been best buddies since they were 5 years old! Avery LOVES Tucker! She follows him around EVERYWHERE! :)The kids at Santa's Castle!
Avery looking at one of the many displays at Christmas Village. She had to look in EVERY one! She was totally amazed by it all and didn't want to miss a thing!
Avery with Tucker and Preston walking around Christmas Village!
Avery sitting on Santa's lap at our Fikstad Family Christmas Party! She LOVES Santa as you can tell! Wow! Santa sure resembles Uncle Dan! ha! ha!
Preston sitting on Santa's Lap telling him what he wants for Christmas and getting his present!
Preston and his Cousin Parker! They are good buddies! I love these boys!
Avery and her cousins Baylie Ray, Bailey Rose, Shaylie and Tyler getting ready to do the Nativity Play at the party.Avery played one of the Angels. She's a cute little angel! Nick and I went with the kids to Willard Bay's lights. You get to stay in the car and drive around at Willard's light.. thank goodness because it was super cold that night.. So we let Avery drive around! She thought she was hot stuff! She's a good driver for a 3 year old!
Avery also got to sit on Santa's lap AGAIN at Willard Bay! Preston waiting for Avery to see Santa! He didn't want to sit on Santa's lap! Go figure!
Avery anxiously waiting in line to see Santa! Every year we do a tree for my brother at the Festival of Trees. Preston comes with me to help decorate! It's a very special day!Preston and his cousin Tyler. Tyler also comes to help and hang out with Preston. My Mom and I go, along with my Grandma Fikstad and my aunts, Jill, Sherrie and Cindy. My cousins Raini, Shelly and Jacie also come and help! So we have a great day doing a great thing! All the money from our tree goes to Primary Childrens Hospital! So we get to honor my brother and the Air Med Crew along with all the money going to charity to help kids!
This is our plaque that goes with our tree! They truely are Angels in the sky! Shayne's helicoter crashed January 11, 1998 while he was trying to rescue and injured skiier who was in an avalanche! They all died.
This is my cute little Grandma Fikstad after we had the tree all done! Our Tree for 2010
This was our whole scene. We always do a tree with a scene to go with it! Avery got to go to the corn maze for her Preschool field trip! They had a BALL! It was so fun getting lost in the corn and playing all the games! Nick went with me, so we had a good day with Avery!
Avery trying to be a little ghost!
They had a slide the kids could go down! Avery didn't know what to think of it at first! Her belly tickles really easy, but she's always so brave and always dares to do stuff! Teacher Andrea went down with the kids! Nick is up helping all the kids get ready! What a good day! Avery at the bottom after her first slide!
Her first slide down! She didn't know what to think! ha! ha! But she did it!
Avery and her best little friend Hadlee leading each other through the corn.They had all kinds of fun games for the kids to play! It was such a fun day!Avery and her Best little friend Hadlee getting ready to hit the games and then off to the corn maze!
This is Avery's Preschool class at ABC School 2010. Mrs. Andrea is her teacher and she just loves her!


Ali said...

Ker, such cute pictures!! I loved what Avery said about cute is that!!! Your pictures are amazing...BUT there is none of you.....hand over the camera and get you in some, I miss your sweet face ;o) love ya

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