Friday, October 8, 2010

Kids Photo Shoot

Here are some photos of my little chitlins that I took! We went up to Snowbasin, to the Monastery up in Huntsville and then across the street from our house! Grandma Monie was in town from South Dakota, so Nick and I, along with Grandma Monie took the kids up to see the fall leaves and have a little photo shoot! :) Besides the fact that I hadn't done the kids photos for a long time! :) Preston is 15 and Avery is 3 1/2!!These two are best little buddies! This photo is Priceless! These Two are my Pride and Joy! They are my WORLD!!
Avery was having a great time swinging on the rail at the Monastery! Oh How she loves her brother! He's so good with her! He's always making her laugh!
Look Bubba! Look out there!! Avery do you see those cows out there? Or are those Moose?? ha! ha! I LOVE these two! SO MUCH!!
Our Little Model
If you Lead me... I WILL Follow!!
The Kids with Grandma Monie!
Our Little Poser!! Oh! She's a Ham! ha! ha!
One of my Favorite of her! This is actually in the bathroom stall at Snowbasin!! Crazy!

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