Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Summer Fun

We just had a Bridal Shower for my Gorgeous Little Niece Breanne! I can't believe she's getting married! I still remember the day she was born.. and her pooping ALL over me at the swim pool!! We are SO excited to have Chad be official though!!
My Cute Mom at the ShowerAvery helping Breanne with the presents!! She and Breanne are Buddies!! Avery is going to be one of her flower girls at the wedding!!
Avery with my Brother Shaynes, Brother's little girl! She is so cute! Avery was in HEAVEN! Thanks Melissa for letting her play!!
Avery and her Bernanne!!! (Breanne) They are Best Buddies!!
Avery with Grandma Taylor and Cousin Parker at Weber States Fireworks!!
Preston with Kirsten and Brigette at Weber State Fireworks! Some of my adopted daughters!! :)
Avery with Cousin Breanne and soon to be Cousin Chad.. The cute little couple will be married in a couple weeks.. Avery is their flower girl!! She's SO STINKING EXCITED!! :)
Avery is playing with Brooklyn and Brinley, Braden's little sisters.. .like she does every ball game!!! She's singing her little heart out for all to hear! ha! ha! It was quite hysterical!!!
Like I said, she's singing her Heart OUT!!

Our Summer has been So Busy! I know I say that EVERY Post... but it seems it just keeps getting worse! ha! ha! Preston has had SO MUCH baseball I can't even close my eyes with out seeing balls and bats flying!!! He made the Fremont JV A team which has been pretty fun. They did pretty well and it got him really excited for High School Baseball! His Northern Utah Baseball Academy team was one of the best experiences we've ever had! We just loved the coaches, the kids.. and even all the parents had a great time together!! Loved it!! Then he got asked to also play on a team to represent Ogden and the surrounding areas. They made it to the State Championships and got to play at Lindquist Field. For those of you that don't know what an honor that is... it's where our AA Team, the Ogden Raptors play! It's such a nice stadium and there were announcers and everything! It was awesome!! In between all his baseball games he's been hanging out with his best buds... Braden, Brody, Tyler and Tanner!!! It's like I've adopted more kids! ha! ha! He's also got a big group of friends that included girls! ha! ha! Which has always been kind of hard for me to deal with... thank goodness he hasn't ever really wanted to hang out with girls until now... but these girls are awesome! I love them like my own! So it's been a ball having them all hang out together. Avery loves it too! Not only has she acquired more brothers... she's now got 4 more sisters! ha! ha! It's been such a fun summer... we have been loving ever minute of it! I'm sad it's going by SO Fast!

We're just getting ready to get Preston all registered for High School!! I can't believe I am going to have a high school kid! YIKES!! I'm getting OLD! ha! ha! Plus Avery is getting ready to start Preschool!! Again I can't believe my baby is old enough for Preschool!! Where does the time go?? It makes me so sad!!
Little Miss Avery showing off her 4th of July attire and the pool! Miss patriotic!! :)

Avery going to the little slide! She goes down this.. .over and over and over!!
Avery with Grandma Taylor and Cousin Tyler taking a break at the pool!
Preston, Brody and Braden at Roy Pool! My Three Little Goofballs! ha! ha!
Avery and her "Other" Brother Brody! He's one of my adopted boys! ha! ha!
Avery started dance! She LOVES it! She loves her teacher and thinks she'd pretty hot stuff in her dance attire... she's in with one of her Best Friends... Hadlee. They are so fun to watch! Chaylie Rawlings at Energy Dance is her teacher and can I tell you what a wonderful teacher she is!! She is so good with the girls!!

Avery and Hadlee with Chaylie!
Learning 1st Position

We went camping with my Auntie Jill and Uncle Steve and Auntie Cindy and Uncle Dan and their kids up to South Fork! It was a riot! Avery floated the river for the very first time and had an absolute BALL! I couldn't hardly keep her off the river!! She wasn't scared at all!! We are going back in a couple weeks for our Fikstad Family Reunion... I can't wait! It's going to be so much fun!!
Hope you like the photos!!

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Heath694 said...

What a fun summer you're having. I have one going into High School too and it is freaking me out! Avery is getting big and is sooo adorable. Thanks for sharing your life with me!