Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Our CRAZY Busy Life

Avery and the Carp that was at least 12 pounds! It was almost as tall as her.. .bigger than her pole and took Dad about 15 minutes to bring in! What a crack up that was, seeing Nick trying to reel this sucker in on her Little Pink Princess Pole!!! Funny Stuff Right there!!! ha! ha!
My Little Fisher Girl! Throwing the Big, Gross Carp Back into the WILD!!! ha! ha!
Bubba and Daddy trying to get Avery to touch it so she wouldn't be scared of it anymore! She was FREAKING out when Nick finally got it in and out of the water! She didn't think it was cool anymore! ha! ha! She was screaming at the top of her lungs! It was a Crack Up!
Preston going in after a Turtle for some kid he doesn't even know!! Trying NOT to fall in! If he only knew what what in this water! ha! ha!
Preston's Little Catch compared to Avery's!
Preston and His Catch of the Day!
Daddy! Don't you think there is a fish in there somewhere?? I think I want to throw my line in over there Bubba!!
Okay Honey! I'll help you catch a fish!! But I'm not sure how I feel about this Pink, Princess Pole! Who had the Brilliant Idea to cut these off and use them to hold our poles???
I just know there is a fish out there somewhere!!
Hi Mommy! How do you like my glasses??
My Bass Fisherman!
Avery Dancing and Grooving at Preston's Lip Sing Play!
Preston doing "Smooth Criminal", trying to be like Mike! ha! ha!
"Annie are you okay? Are you okay Annie!" ha! ha!
Preston and his Siblings! Aren't they Cute??
Avery taking Charlie for a Ride in her Jeep! He LOVES to go with her! It cracks me UP!
The Two Amigos!!
Are we Cute or What?? Mr. Baseball playing at Salt Lake Community College!
Preston Loves being a Catcher!
My Boy on Easter Morning! I LOVE My Kids! They are Best Buddies!!
Avery with her Cousin Breanne.
Breanne was helping her at the Easter Egg Hung at Grandma Taylor's
Avery finding her eggs! She LOVED the Easter Egg Hunt! Preston being a Little Dork!! He's so funny!!!

Man, I can't believe it has been since January that I last updated! Yikes! ha! ha! I wouldn't even to begin to post all that has happened! I had another knee surgery... and I'm getting really tired of those! ha! ha! But it was very much needed! Even though I am probably going to have another one in the not to far future! Thanks Church Ball for that one!! :)

Avery turned 3! I can't even believe she's 3! It's so fun, yet so sad at the same time! I waited so long for her.. .and now she's growing way too fast! She is so independent! LOVES her brother and all of his friends! Has decided that she has 5 boyfriends... which are all her brothers friends.. .so I think we are safe with that one! ha! ha! Charlie, Robbie, Braden and Brody all play on Preston's baseball teams! It's a good thing it's these boys.. they are the only ones Nick and I would allow for her to follow around like she does! She cracks me up! When ever she see these guys.. she yells their names.. and RUNS to them! Gives them great big hugs and follows them around like a little lost puppy dog! She'll stand at the fence and cheer for them, yell their names and tell them she loves them! ha! ha! It's a crack up! They are all so good with her! They will even let her help them get the team stretched. She tries to do all the stretches with them.. it's quite the crack up! She even named our new little Shitzu "Charlie", yes.. after Charlie on Preston's team! LOVE IT! She's all signed up for dance and Preschool! I can't believe she's old enough! I have to stop talking about it or I'm going to cry! ha! ha!

Preston is finally out of Jr. High and on his way to High School! Talk about another life changing event! Man! This is also something I am having a hard time with! I can't believe my baby boy turned 15, got his driving permit and is now going to high school! Where does the time go? Preston made his Jr. High Baseball team again and was also Captain! Yeah for him! He was pretty humble about it, but I think deep down he thought that was a great honor! He's my humble boy! One of the reasons he's such a great kid! We've been playing baseball out our EARS! Seriously! In the last 2 weeks, we played 14 baseball games! Yes I said 14! Holy Cow I know! ha! ha! He's been playing with "Northern Utah Baseball Academy" (NUBA) with GREAT Coaches and great kids! It is just getting over and I'm so sad! It was so fun with all the great families that we were able to hang out with at the ball park!! He's also been playing with Fremont's freshman team and now Fremont's JV team! I'm so excited for him to be playing high school ball and now we get more friends too!! Yeah! Avery is so excited because all the girls that come watch Preston, Brody and Braden play, play with her as well! Preston has made some great new friends and we just love them to death! It's been such a fun time watching him play and they make life all the more enjoyable too! Plus, Preston thinks it's pretty cool that the girls come watch them play too! ha! ha!

So that's our life in a Nut Shell... I hope the photos helped you see what all we have been up too and to show some of the things I didn't post! We LOVE our family and friends... so don't ever forget that!! :)

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