Friday, August 20, 2010

Family Campout and Breanne's Wedding!

We have been so busy the last little while! Preston had a try out for the Mountain West State Scout Baseball team down in Salt Lake. There was so much competition, and even though he did just as good as everyone else, we weren't sure if he would make it or not! We knew he could, but there were SO MANY good kids and you just never know! We'll after Two weeks of waiting, we were informed that.... .HE MADE IT!!! Yeah! There were only 3 spots open out of all those kids! It is such an honor for him to be on this team! We are so excited for him! Now it's off to more traveling for us... but he'll be in front of over 750 College & Professional Scouts! How cool is that! They said that most of these kids get college scholarships all over the country and also could get the opportunity to be on the USA Team and the Jr. Olympic Team! We are so Proud of Preston for all his hard work and dedication!! We just love this kid SO MUCH!!

We also got to go to our Fikstad Family Camp out, which as always, was a ball! The kids had a great time playing with their cousins, playing at the lake and floating the River! Even Avery LOVED floating the river! We had such a great time together!!

The day after the camp out was Chad and Breanne's Wedding at the Salt Lake Temple! Avery was her cousin Breanne's flower girl! She was SO EXCITED! She loves Breanne SO Much! Breanne and Chad are so good with Avery! They love playing with her, jumping on the tramp and taking her to "Chucky Cheese"! Avery just loves them so much and loves to be their little shadow! What's even better is, Chad and Breanne love to have her pal around with them! We're SO HAPPY for the New little couple! We love them so much!!
Our Two AMAZING Kids!
Little Avery starting the day off with her little poses!We need to work on the Princess Smile!!! Breanne and Kaitlynn think it's funny to have her do a BIG CHEESE Smile.. .which you'll see a few below! ha! ha! That's all we needed is for Avery to do her Big Cheese Smile in all of Breanne's pictures... so we've been working hard on her pretty Princess Smile! ha! ha!
Avery with Grandma Glennda waiting for the Bride and Groom to come out!
Avery and her Beautiful Cousin Emily!!
Presenting the new, "Mr. & Mrs. Chad Sanders"!! YEAH!!! We are so happy for them!
Breanne hugging Grandma! Look how happy she is!! What a WONDERFUL DAY!!
Avery and her new cousin Chad... we've waited 6 years for this day to come! ha! ha! We're so glad it's now official!! We LOVE Chad!!
Avery and Grandpa Blair!!
Avery and her Cousin... the New Mrs. Sanders!! What a GORGEOUS Bride!! This is one of my favorite pictures! I love these two girls!!
Avery loving her Cousins! They take such good care of her! If I didn't know better.. I'd think they kind of like their little cousin! ha! ha!
Miss Avery hanging with her Cousins Emily and Kaitlynn!
" I love my Cousin! She looks like a Princess!"
The wedding party! Parker, my nephew is next to Chad.. then Chad and Breanne, Emily, Kaitlynn and little Miss Avery in front! She LOVED being Breanne's flower girl!
Bubba and Avery! My two Favorite Kids! I don't know what I'd do without them!!
Avery hanging out with the girls! Emily.. on the left is my other Niece.. who is Just GORGEOUS!! and Avery with hanging with her Cousin Kaitlynn!
Avery and another one of her beautiful cousins! Kaitlynn and Avery are little buddies too!
My Handsome boy being a sport!!
Mr. & Mrs. Chad Sanders! LOVE THEM!!
Avery just LOVES Breanne.. and from the looks of it, I think Breanne loves her little cousin too!
Avery with the Bride and the rest of the girls!
Avery holding Breanne's bouquet for her! She thought she was marrying Breanne! What a little nut!
Miss Avery and her Beautiful Cousin Breanne! What a GORGEOUS Bride!!
Avery with her Great Grandma Fikstad! She just loves her!!
Miss Avery looking so Beautiful!
"Just one more picture okay Mommy!! Just ONE More!" That's exactly what's she saying too! ha! ha! Nick and I were Cracking Up!
"Daddy, do I look like Cinderella??"
Looking Beautiful by the flowers at the Salt Lake Temple.
Little Miss Avery doing her famous little pose of hers! Isn't she to die for! I just want to eat her up! She's such a special little girl! Not only is she just beautiful... she's got the best personality too!
Salt Lake Temple! Chad and Breanne were married on 08-09-10. How cool is that?? What a special day it was!
Making BIG Smiles for the camera!!
The Bride and Groom taking their little cousin for a Dance! They are so good to her! She loves them SO MUCH! She's a lucky girl!!
Avery with her very first set of curlers! ha! ha! She wore them ALL night!! ... only because I told her she would look like Cinderella if she did! She was a trooper!! I think it was mostly too because it was for Breanne's Wedding! What that girl won't do to make her Bernanne happy!! ha! ha!
She's a little ham! We turned on the music and she started dancing away!!
Nick and his willows! ha! ha! Avery thought it was pretty cool to follow her Daddy around in the trees!
Parker and Preston taking the girls up to play in the lake! What good cousins they are!!
Nephew Parker reading his Stephen King! Do you think he's a little scared?? ha! ha! Love him!
I love this boy!
Oh No! Here it comes!! I don't want to get wet!!
Avery and Tyler think they are pretty strong... bouncing the balloon around! She's having a BALL!
Nick and Avery getting ready for the candy throw! She's a little shy! ha! ha!
Preston, Tanner, Trevor and Tyler getting ready to go down the river!! It was the white team against the Green Team! :)

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