Monday, July 7, 2008

4th of July Photos.. Check below for more!

Wow! What a fun day! The 4th of July is one of my all time favorite holiday's. Last year at this time we were in Cooperstown, New York! I can't believe it's been a whole year. We went to New York for 2 weeks last year to watch Preston play some baseball in Cooperstown! It was amazing... plus we were able to travel around a little bit and see all of New York City... and Queens! ha! ha! So it was good to see the fireworks this year seeing how we were on our way to the airport last year while they were going off. The fireworks are my favorite part.

This year, as normal we went to Plain City Days. Nick took Avery and Preston in the parade on the 4 wheeler. Preston was glad he got to ride this time instead of pushing her... even though he was kind of excited that he might get to pull the wagon.. we thought we'd do something fun though and decorate the 4 wheeler and ride. Avery was a crack up as usual! She was waiving and blowing kisses! She is such a ham! Preston quite enjoyed seeing lots of his friends... yelling and waving at him! He's quite the shy guy... so he gets a little embarrassed. It was way fun because they were their own little part in the parade and didn't have to ride with anyone else... so people all over were waiving and saying hi! It was pretty neat! After the parade we played at the park for a while with all the family... had our annual Taylor BBQ with homemade Ice Cream at the parents house.... played a little Wii, went home with two added children... Parker and Kaitlynn (my Nephew and Niece) who we love very much... and love to have over... watched a Scary movie and then headed off to Hooper Park to watch the fireworks. We were going to go up to the dam and watch Huntsville's fireworks on the boat, but with the wind we didn't know how that would fair with Avery... so we watched them with my sister Christy and her husband Dusty... who is also Nick's cousin... we like to call him "Cuncle Dusty" ha! ha! Because he is my kids Uncle on my side of the family... and their Cousin on Nick's side of the family! I know! I know! We like to keep it in the family! ha! ha! He was just to great... we had to add him to my side too! Then we all went back to our house and lit off fireworks.... Got spot lighted by a Police Officer... because for some reason our fireworks were shooting in the air. I don't know what got into them... but man they were going high! ha! ha! They sure were pretty!

I'm going to try something I haven't ever tried.. but seen on so many cute blogs... A Slide show of photos. I think it will be a lot easier for me because I'm so Anal and have to have my photos all lined up just right and it takes me FOREVER! So this will ease all of our pains! ha! ha!

I have to share a photo with you though... FREAKED me right out! We were down at Hooper Park and you know me... Camera Girl... anyway, I took this photo of Avery and there was someone kneeling behind her! A Transparent someone! It is so freaky! I can't tell if it's a woman or a man.. but it looks almost like they are in old pioneer clothes or something! It is clear as day! RIGHT BEHIND HER.. like he's holding on to her or something! Look at this photo.... If any of you know this person ... please let me know because I'm a little nervous about it stalking my baby! ha! ha!


alli said...
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alli said...

Hi Kerrie, I removed my other post because I didn't check it before I posted it and it had a bunch of errors in it, sorry. Anyway, I LOVE your blog too. It is so fun to see your darling family. You seem really happy. I am happy for you. Avery is getting so big and seriously that picture is crazy! What the heck is going on?? I am so glad we can keep in touch this way. It is fun and easy, I love the internet. Have a great summer!