Friday, June 20, 2008

Summer Days

Well... I can't believe it's SUMMER! Yeah! ha! ha! It's finally warm enough to be outside and swimming! Can I just tell you that our little Avery is a little Fish! Man, that girl loves to swim. We went to the Roy Pool this week and she didn't want to get out of the water. I took her on the big twisty slide and she loved it! She cracked up the whole way down the slide and when we were done.. she would point to the slide and make her little moan when she wants something. She didn't want to stop! It was so much fun! Preston got a little burnt... but he was so cute with Avery. He kept taking her out to play and swim. We had a ball! Plus we've been out in our pool almost every day for a week! I can't get her away from the water! It's been fun though. We've roasted hot dogs in the fire pit, ate outside on the deck and swam like no tomorrow! It's been a great week to spend with the kids and veg out!

A couple weeks ago we went to East Canyon and stayed in a YURT! It was so much fun! We went fishing, played games, caught craw dads and BBQed. It was a riot!

It was mine and Preston's birthday's along with Mother's Day, so we decided to take a little break and go way for the weekend! I can't believe Preston is now 13! Holy smokes! He's as tall as I am and now officially a teenager! It seems just like yesterday I was bringing him home from the hospital and changing his diapers! Now he is a grown up little bugger! So polite and respectful! I love that boy so much! I'm very proud of the young man he's turning out to be!

We've been going to lots of baseball games too. Preston has been having so much fun playing.
He's been pitching a little more this year and he does really well. Being the protective mother and growing up playing competitive sports... I'm a little nervous about him hurting his arm. He really enjoys pitching and he does well... so I've had to chill out a little bit! ha! ha! I think where I threw my arm out in High School... it just makes me nervous! I'll tell you what... that kid isn't afraid of anything! It's so fun watching him! He had a game last week and he was playing in the infield.. he had a little blooper that was coming his way.. and it wasn't very high off the ground.. he dove, head first.. totally laid out and caught it! Everyone was cheering so loud! Then he got up on one knee and nailed it to second base because the kid also thought there was no way he would catch it.. and threw him out too! One of the boys dad's came up to him after and told him that watching that play was worth coming to that game. It was almost 10 p.m. before it even started.. so it was a late night! Preston and I both had to drink an energy drink so we could stay awake for it! ha! ha! Needless to say the game just kept going and going and going... until the sprinklers came on and drowned us out! I was very glad.. it ended that game! ha! ha! We got home that night about 12 P.M. Boy were we tired! All the little girls at the ball park.. the little sisters.. love to take Avery and walk and play! They are so cute with her... and she just eats it up!

Preston left today with his Dad for two weeks! I've been so emotional all day! I miss him so much when he goes! I know he needs to spend time with his dad too... but I really hate sharing him! My kids and our little family are my life... so it's so hard to have him gone. They are moving to Evanston, Wy so Preston is going to help them move. They are also going to take a week and a half and visit alot of the State Parks and site see. He'll be home for the 4th though, so I can't wait. We always have a big tado on the 4th, so it will be fun! Plus he wants to be in the parade with Avery, so we should have some fun photos. He sure loves that little girl! Today when we got home Avery went right into Preston's room calling for bubba... it made me cry! This morning when he was saying goodbye to her I bawled! I'm such a boob! ha! ha! We all can't wait for him to get home!

I'm going to start another blog... more of a craft and inspirational one. I have been doing several things to help people with some things and I've been getting lots of ideas to help people with several different things. I am in the process of helping a friend of mine do her daughters wedding. I'm excited! I know her daughter well, so it will be lots of fun. This family has gone through so much turmoil and I really feel they could use someone to help them and be there for them to make things a little easier. This will be the 4th wedding I've done, including my own.. so it should go pretty smoothe.. I hope! ha! ha! Plus I thought I'd like to help find people in our community and in our circle of families and friends who deserve a little spotlight and just a little something to let them know they are appreciated. There are so many bad things in this world and I thought it would be a great way to bring something good into our lives. There are so many people out there who inspire me and I thought it would be a great way to share thoughts and ideas with others. Hopefully it will be something you all think is worth while! ha! ha! Plus it might be a way to share some fun and inexpensive craft ideas with everyone. I've been asked also to help with some craft groups and share and teach some things I've done. If any of you want to share some ideas you have or have seen... feel free... I don't have a limit on the things I want to put on there... so I think it could be a free for all! Different ideas on all different kinds of things... Let me know what you all think!

Here are some fun photos of our little munchkins and our summer so far! I hope you guys know how much we love all of you! We couldn't ask for a better family or friends! Thanks for being such an important part of our lives.


Levi & Meg said...

That picture of Preston kissing Avery's nose is SO stinkin cute!!!!

ourdoppfam said...

Hey Kerrie its amy, Kami's sister. I am glad you saw my blog. I am new at the blog thing. My next project is to get one going for Kami. She would love to hear from you. Her cell phone number is 589-8130. She lives in clinton and has two awesome boys. Thanks.

The Colemans said...

hey kerrie its amy again. Just to let you know you can check out kami's blog it's Super cute