Thursday, May 1, 2008

Where Has The Time Gone?

Man... I can't believe again, that it's been forever since I've updated this! Wow!

Okay! So Preston made the Jr. High Baseball Team. He's a Red-Shirt... but he's still tickled pink. He's also started playing with his new Comp Baseball Team too... so most of his life is... baseball, baseball.. and more baseball! ha! ha! He loves it, so that's all that counts. He is playing with the Thunder this year and loving it so far! All of his friends from school are on the team and they are the neatest kids. They have so much fun together, so I'm excited. I know there are lots of great teams out there with great kids.... I'm just glad he's having so much fun. I think it's going to be a great year. It's kind of neat.. all the 7th graders that made the Jr. High baseball team are all on his comp team too! Goes to show... ha! ha! Not only are all these kids good kids.. they are ALL good baseball players too.

Avery is also doing well! She is getting so big... she still isn't crawling or walking.. but she talks up a storm. We've tried and tried to get her to crawl and walk and she just won't do it. She loves to walk non-stop all over the house. She just won't let go!

Easter was lots of fun! Dying Easter eggs, searching for them at the big Easter Egg hunt at Grandma Taylor's house with all the cousins.... then searching for the baskets Easter morning.... trying to find where Mr. Easter Bunny hid them was great fun! It's a great time to also remember our Savior and what he sacrificed for all of us! He gave his life so we can live again and I am so grateful for that! That our sins can be forgiven means more to me than anything! I love him very much for all that he did for me!

We took the kids fishing up at Hyrum Dam which was fun! Avery has her own life jacket and fishing pole. She and I pretty much just vegged out while Nick and Preseton did the fishing. It was a very nice day and we had lots of fun out on the boat!
This past weekend was so great. Nick's Nephew Seneca got married and all of Nick's family was in from out of town. I got to meet two of his nieces and one of his nephews that I hadn't ever met before because they live out of State. You know... people always complain about their in-laws... I have to say I am very lucky! I love my in-laws and all that goes with it! Nick's sister Kathy and her daughter Carlin stayed with us and we loved it! I love them so much! Nick's Mom and Step-dad Richard were in along with his brother George and I was able to have another dose of acupuncture to help cure my horrible headaches. Thanks to George I'll be headache free for awhile! Hopefully! Last time he did it I went 6 months with out one.. and I usually have them daily! Can you believe I had all those needles sticking in my head? ha! ha! I have photos to prove it! I was a brave girl! Seeing how I HATE needles! It was so good to meet Niles and Michelle (Nick's Nephew) Iya and Lalena (Nick's two nieces) along with adorable little Mary Jane, Avery's 2nd cousin. I'm so glad all of you were able to come! Even though I miss you terribly, it was a great weekend and I can't wait to see you hopefully soon!

Nick had his first fishing tournament in Idaho... they didn't do very good. It was still way too cold. So hopefully this weekend will be better for him!

As for me, well... I'm still doing Home Mortgages...if any of you want to re-finance or are looking for a new home! ha! ha! I can take good care of you! I'm hoping to be able to get this going well enough that I can stay home from my other job and do it along with another business Nick and I are starting. We are starting a new online business and I'm very excited. It's like Amazon but we are the ones who get paid. It's pretty cool! Hopefully here in a few years we will be making enough that both Nick and I can be home doing this full-time. I'll probably still be doing loans because I am really enjoying it! Plus you know me... I love to help and take care of people.

I am trying to organize another one of my big service projects. I am trying to organize a day for under privileged kids to learn how to fish. Nick's Bass Club along with any other volunteers will take the kids out on the boats and teach them to fish. It should be really fun... giving these kids an opportunity that they wouldn't normally get. I am hoping that I can get some of these big outdoor stores to donate prizes and hopefully even get Reese Stein from Roughin' it Outdoors to come and do a show on it! It's going to be lots of work... but much worth the reward... just like they always do!

I hope you are all doing well and everything in your lives is Great! Here are more photos of our great family! We sure love all of you guys and miss you very much!

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