Friday, February 22, 2008

Avery's 1st Birthday

I can't believe Avery is now 1! Holy Smokes! ha! ha! Where did this past year go? We had a great day on Friday. Nick and I took off work and Preston came home after a half day of school and we went fishing! Yep fishing! ha! ha! Don't worry, we didn't go ice fishing... but we thought about it! We just went over to our loyal Roy Fish Pond. We caught some fish and Avery fell asleep shortly after we got there! ha! ha! It must have been from all the excitement! Friday night we got dinner and had some great family time! Then Saturday came and it was the day for the Big Birthday Party! We decorated, got a really cute Tinker Bell Cake and Avery even got her own Chocolate Cake all for herself. We put on her Birthday Princess hat, opened presents and then headed for digging in to the cake! What a crack up that was! ha! ha! Avery wanted nothing to do with it! She didn't want to get dirty... so needless to say Daddy got to eat her cake! She got her hands a little dirty... and she wasn't a fan! ha! ha! Notice the Mountain Dew Angie gave her for her Birthday... she's hooked! She wouldn't let go of it most of the night! Grandma Ramona was in from South Dakota and her Birthday was on Sunday... so Avery got to share her birthday with her Grandma! What a fun weekend it was! We all took Grandma to church on Sunday for her birthday and she really enjoyed it! I hadn't ever been to a Catholic Church so it was a new experience for me too.. but it meant the world to Grandma so we were happy to make her day special! Avery got so many cute things and we want to thank all of you who were there to share in our special day! We are so grateful for everyone who helped make her 1st Birthday Special! Thank you!

I also want to say a few things to so many of you who are so special in our lives. I know some of you know, but Monday I am going in for my big surgery that I have been putting off for so many years. It's now not an option and it has to be done. I'm very scared but I'm trying to have faith that everything will be okay! ha! ha! I'm grateful for all of you who are helping me stay positive and also for Nick for his great support of me and all my emotions. When something comes into your life that is serious and could maybe change your life and those around you.. you really realize how much you love all of those special friends and family who have made your life so wonderful! I just want all of you to know just how much you really do mean to me! There are so many of you who have given me so much support and love through out my whole life... You and your friendships have helped make me the person I am today! I look up to so many of you and am so grateful for everything you do for me, my kids and my family! Please don't ever forget how much you mean to me! You really do! I don't think you can ever say that enough! When this is all over, I hope to look back and laugh at how emotionally out of control I feel! ha! ha! To realize all this crying all the time... was over rated! ha! ha! I just wanted you to know how I feel before I went into this trial I'm about to face! I don't want to have taken any of you for granted and I knew it would help me to feel better letting you all know how special you really are to me!
I love you guys so much!

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