Thursday, March 13, 2008

I Finally Did It

Well... the last few weeks at our house hold have been pretty crazy! I went in for my surgery and things went okay! A little more complex than I and the doctor had hoped... but okay! I had my Hysterectomy. I have been dreading this for YEARS! Anyway, the Endometriosis had grown some of my organs together, so they had to cut them apart and lift the organs up and cut all the Endometriosis off. Then they had to cut two of the ligaments in my back to get to the Endometriosis that was clear down in my tailbone! Yeah! That hurt... and still seems to bother me when I sit too long! When I got out of surgery they had me on straight Morphine. Yeah, you would think that would be great... but for some reason it didn't touch the pain in my back. I couldn't lay on my back for pretty much the whole time in the hospital! Turning from side to side when I had that great big, long... scar across my whole belly... wasn't very pleasant! ha! ha! But we managed! I had to stay in the hospital a day longer than I had expected... but it was sure nice to get out! I really missed my kids! I was able to see Nick a lot because he spent most of his time up there with me. Thanks to my parents for keeping the kids. Avery didn't like being cooped up in the room very long and Preston was sick for two days. So my time with them was short! That was really hard too! I wanted Avery to spend the night with me because I hadn't been away from her like that ever, but there was no way I could have taken care of her by myself ! I was pretty out of it for a couple days! I took some time to try and recover before returning back to work, but I'm now back to the grind of everyday life! Still pretty sore, but doing okay! I have a lump on my left side that hurts pretty bad and I'm just not quite sure what it is. We are hoping it's not a hernia, and that I don't have to go back under the knife to get if fixed! Yikes! That would stink!

Avery is getting so big! She's finally said Mama! Yeah! It's about time! ha! ha! I came after, Dada, Bubba, Dog, Duck, Ca ca, Ca ca Bum... you name it! ha! ha! But finally, Mama! I love it! We got a new little Black Lab Puppy named Chloee and last night Avery started even saying Dogie and Dogie Ca ca! ha! ha! She went out with me to let her go potty! I can't believe she's starting to talk so well... even though she's still not crawling... or walking! ha! ha! She is scooting around on her bum and rolling all over! Uncle Bub and Grandma & Grandpa Taylor both gave her little toys she can ride a round the house on and boy does she ever! She gets on her Lion and Car and rides them ALL over! It's such a crack up to watch! We love her so much! She puts a smile on our faces and touches our hearts!

Preston is doing well in school! They just went on a ski day for Honors, so he was really excited! He is now getting ready to start baseball again! We are with another team this year so we will be able to have our weekends free to have lots of family time! Camping, Fishing, 4 Wheeling, you name it! Preston is still his little sister's best buddy. It's so funny! When ever he's around, she wants him and pretty much no one else! When we drop him off to school she waives goodbye and blows him kisses! Same when we pick him up! Then she doesn't want him out of her sight when we get home! What a good brother he is! He takes such good care of her! He wants to be with her just as much as she does him! I am so proud of the big brother he is to her and the young man he is becoming! I love him so much!

Nick is out of town this week and we all miss him so! He had to go to California for a few days for work... enjoying the warm weather... close to 80. Shorts and a tee shirt! He called us last night and sent pictures of the beach! I was jealous! Especially when he said, "Guess what I'm doing right now? I'm wading in the ocean!" Rude huh? ha! ha! Here it's raining and cold today and he's down in the warm weather rubbing it in! Thank goodness he comes home tomorrow! We miss our papa!

Thanks to all of you who were so concerned for me and my family. For the flowers, cards, visits, phone calls and emails! I really appreciate everything you all do for us!

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