Saturday, January 26, 2008

A Busy Few Weeks

Well, time has flown by again and we can't seem to find where it went! :) Preston is busy playing basketball and enjoying spending time with his buddies! He is still doing fabulous in school! The school year is half over now... time really needs to slow down a bit! He did really well again this quarter getting a 3.7. We are all really proud of him!

Avery gave us a bit of a scare this past couple weeks. She started out having an ear infection and she ended up being allergic to the antibiotic and the doctor sent us over to the ER. It was pretty scary! We were lucky to be able to bring her home though with just added doctor visits. She was getting to dehydrated from throwing up so much from the allergy, her temperature was around 102.3 for about 5 days and we couldn't get it to break... then the fact she wouldn't eat or drink... so we had to feed her through a syringe to try and get fluids in her. They had to give her a little IV and take her blood... Plus the shot they gave her, the doctor said that it hurt worse than a Penicillin shot. So her little legs were pretty sour for a while. It was so sad! It made me cry having to watch all of that! She still isn't eating very good, but at least she's not getting sick and her fever is gone! So we are on the mends!

We hope all our family and friends are doing well! We love you all so much! Don't ever forget that!


Levi & Meg said...

Poor lil lady!! I hope she is back to normal now..

Tucker Family said...

Poor thing. Let me know if you need anything.

Corey and Jennifer said...

How is Avery doing did she get better? Keep in touch! I miss you guys!

Corey and Jennifer said...

I purse tagged you so do the same tag as I did on my blog and then tag 5 more people. : )