Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My Boy is 14 Today!

You know when you see something that just warms your heart... you think you've cherished every moment and then it's like you blink... and 14 years have passed?? That is how these last 14 years of my life have been! My little man just turned 14! I can't even believe he's finally taller than I am.. not that, that is hard to do! :) You won't get us confused now when you call and he answers.. you just won't believe him when he tells you it really is him.. you'll think some weird man is answering my phone! But more than anything.. you won't believe what a great young man he has grown into! I'm so proud of Preston for the person he's always been and the man he's becoming! I couldn't ask for a better son! He does very well in school, sports and being kind and caring towards others! I love him more than life itself! Happy Birthday Bud! I couldn't be prouder of you!
Today was a great day because his school Jr. High Baseball Team had their Championship Game today! I was so proud of him. He is the starting catcher as an 8th grader, and what a tough little catcher he is! They lost by one run! Bummer! They were down 7 runs and in the 6th inning caught up to being down only 1 run. In the 7th inning they tied it... we thought they were going to do it.. but the other team got a run and the game was over! They all played so good! They are a great group of boys and it will be sad to have the 9th graders move on! My little guy did great and it was such a proud moment to be able to watch him playing at the Raptor's Stadium in the Championships! I love you Buddy! Here's some photos of my little man and the good looking guy he's grown into!

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Ali said...

so, so cute!! i can't believe he is 14..i still remember the day he was went by to fast!!
love ya