Friday, April 24, 2009

YES! I'm alive & my Kids Photo Shoot

Yes I am Alive! Okay... So I've been out for a while.. There has been so much going on and my health hasn't been all that great! I've had some stressers for the past couple months, but with lots of tests, scans, ultra-sounds and biopsies... things are looking up. 3 out of 4 of my biopsies came back okay.. and the one that didn't, isn't something they are too terribly worried about. They just have to watch me. They think it still might have to do with my Endometriosis... even though I had my Hysterectomy.. it had spread to my other organs and was growing them together and making some organs not work very good. I thought the problem would be mostly solved, but it looks like that might not be the case. I may have to have another Laporoscopy, so we'll see how that all pans out. I just have one more organ to take care of! ha! ha! There is something wrong with my Liver. The whole organ is darkened and my levels are very high. I go back in a few more weeks for some more tests, but hopefully things will have gotten better. They aren't quite sure what's the matter with it, they just know it's not working properly. Which was a shock for me because I didn't even know that organ was one of the ones not working right! :)So needless to say I haven't been feeling very well and I get really tired, but I've lost 20 pounds! Yeah! ha! ha! So maybe something good will come from all of this! :)

Between going to baseball games after baseball games and chasing my crazy little daughter ALL OVER... my life has been nuts. Preston made the Jr. High Baseball team again this year and is the starting catcher. We are very excited about this because the normal catcher is a 9th grader and we didn't think he'd be catching much. We figured he'd play 1st or something this year and catch next year... but he's started Catcher every game and plays the whole game unless they are killing the other team... then the coaches put in the other kids who don't play as much so they can get some good playing time too. He's doing very well this year! We are so proud of him! They only have 2 games left before the Play Offs and he has over a 600 batting average! Which is excellent! He had a school game on Monday and was behind the plate catching.. there was a wild ball and it hit the plate and bounced up and nailed him right in the throat! He went down! I was freaking out because he couldn't breathe! Mom's don't go on the field.. so I was watching not knowing what was going on while everyone was surrounding him! He just kept gasping for air and I was panicked! But once they got him breathing and his bearings back.. the tough little bugger got up, put his helmet on and said, "Let's Play Some Ball!" and he finished the game. Not much gets that kid down! Then last night we are playing another tough game and he's behind the plate.. a great hit was hit out to the outfield, the guy on second rounded third and was headed home... Preston is down ready for the throw and the tag at home... the ball comes, he gets the tag and the kid doesn't slide and plows him over! Totally over! It was one of his buddies too, so we know it wasn't him trying to be mean.. he just didn't slide.. I thought he just got the wind knocked out of him.. maybe stepped on because they were looking at his ribs... and he was holding his arm. Once again I'm thinking, "Seriously? Two days in a row?" ha! ha! But the kid was out! Yeah! ha! ha! It was the third out and the inning was done! He gets up and he's still holding his arm.. he can't hardly move his fingers.. I thought Oh no! It's broke! He came out and he got checked, the bones weren't broke, but they thought maybe it was a hairline fracture or something. So they had us take him to get it X-rayed and it looks okay! No Break! Yeah! But, they said he has a deep bruise, maybe a pull or tear in the muscle in his forearm! He's out for about a week! Maybe more, Maybe less!! He's got 5 more games left this week! Yikes! So he won't be playing for a few days for sure! He wants to make sure it's healed for next week and the play offs.. so he's not taking any chances. He even has to wear a sling.. so he's not too happy! Poor Kid! He's such a trooper! I love that boy! But they won the game last night so we were happy! They other team was undefeated! So it made our play off standings even better! He's also playing comp ball too.. and loving it! He's on a great team with great coaches and teammates! It's going to be a great year! I'm so excited!

As far as Avery... where do I start?? She's out of control! ha! ha! She is such a Ham! She never seems to amaze me and keeps us cracking up constantly! The things that come out of her mouth are hilarious! I don't know where she gets some of the stuff she does! She is getting so big and it's so sad.. even though we are enjoying every second of her.. time is just going by so fast! She still loves to help me do whatever it is I'm doing.. cleaning, crafts, laundry.. everything! She is VERY independent! She's still talking up a storm, saying Hi to everyone she sees and Loves to be outside! She would live outside if we'd let her! We have to bribe her to come in with "Barney"... we are about SICK of Barney! ha! ha! She loves going to her Bubba's baseball games and sits and cheers him on! It's quite funny! Between singing and dancing.. she's always putting on a show for us! She LOVES Dancing and singing.. and what makes Nick most proud... she has a new fishing pole and she is obsessed with it! She can cast it clear across the room! She's two and knows what to do! Can you say.. father who wants his little girl to be a champion?? ha! ha! I'll sit in the recliner.. put the foot rest up and she'll climb up with me... stand out on the edge of the foot rest and say, "My Boat Mommy!" Then she will cast and reel in, cast and reel in over and over! She'll seriously do it for 45 minutes to an hour! It's crazy! So needless to say.. Nick is on cloud nine! You should see her little face! She's already so serious about it! It's amazing! We just sit and watch her and laugh! She even loves to watch fishing on TV with Nick.. she'll cast and reel in the whole show or tournament that he's watching! It's crazy! I think we are going to have a little Bass Master Classic girl on our hands! ha! ha!

We are getting into the time of year for Nick's fishing to get started again! He has a few Tournaments coming up and the Western Divisionals in a couple weeks! He's very excited for that!

Hope all is well with everyone! I will try to post sooner than this last time! I think I've gotten out of my rut hopefully! ha! ha! I'm trying at least! Now that summer is finally about here.. I don't have much choice!


Meg said...

WAY cute!! Preston is getting Tall!! Lets get together lots this summer!!

Heath694 said...

I'm sorry to hear about your health. I hope you get better soon. It's not fun when your body isn't cooperating. Your kids look so cute and are so sweet. I love reading about what's going on in your life! Take care!

TheDooleys4 said...

You are one tuff cookie....Hang in there. You are such a cute mommy!

Rip Curl Mom said...

Ker I just love you! You are such a doll. I am sorry you have had so many challenges but I also know that you are tough and that you see all the blessings you have too. You are always in my prayers. Your kids are so amazing and such a reflection of their amazing mom.