Monday, February 23, 2009

We are in for it!

Boy am I in for it! Can I tell you all the stories I've heard about the terrible two's? I never had to experience it with Preston. Honestly, he never went through them! He was such an easy and good child.. those of you who know him can attest! I thought all of you who told me your horror stories were just being wimps, that 2 year old's aren't as bad as you all made them out to be! ha! ha! UNTIL NOW! Avery has been two what? All of a week? Well, now I know.. you were all being honest with me! :) If this is what 2 year olds do.... I'M IN FOR IT!

This is Avery... putting on lotion! She LOVES lotion, which is fine... unless she sneaks the Brand New Tube of BUTT CREAM! Yep! But cream! I guess her face is going to be awfully soft! ha! ha! No rashes on that cute face! Heaven Help Me! ha! ha! At least it wasn't the bottle of Nick's Wart remover this time... and the second time... Yep! Two bottles of wart remover were all over her New Cute Clothes, our bed, pillows and her! She thought she was painting her nails! Just shoot me now! ha! ha! But how can you not love her? Look at that cute little INNOCENT face! These photos are even with a lot of it already wiped off! I blame it all on Nick! Preston was a fabulous child.. Never caused me any grief! It's Nick's blood in this child that is paying him back for all the trouble he caused his mother! ha! ha! So why do I have to experience his paybacks? ha! ha! I think it's going to be an eventful couple of years! Wouldn't you say????


Rip Curl Mom said...

Oh my gosh, she is so freakin' cute! And it's a good thing too, right? I love it! Remind me some day to tell you about the baby powder incident!

The Wiseman's said...

ha ha! it must be a girl thing my daughter did that with everything! I remember walking in on her smearing yogurt on her arms and face! GOOD LUCK!

TheDooleys4 said...

HA! That is so freakin' funny Kerri! What a cutie!

SchuckFamily said...

They are so cute! I guess I will keep the butt paste on lockdown going forward. I am so glad that we are back in touch and I get to see your beautiful family! Congrats.