Friday, February 20, 2009

Avery turns 2.. and a Trip to Lava!

Wow! What a whirl wind this past little while has been! At the beginning of the month, Nick’s Mom came to visit for Avery’s Birthday and will be here all month! We are so excited! We love it when she visits and hate to see her go! We really wished they would move here… HINT! HINT! Ha! Ha! Avery and I went to pick her up and as you can tell Avery was very excited to see her Grandma Monie! She ran to her yelling, “Grandma! Grandma!” It was very cute! So she jumped up on her lap and gave her a big hug! She loves her so much!
Preston is still playing basketball, so it was fun to have his Grandma here to watch! Avery is a crack up because she will follow him up and down the court yelling, “Hi Bubba!” Preston acts a little embarrassed… but we know he just eats it up! He loves his little sister and she thinks he walks on water!

We also took a fun trip down to Cabela's and Avery LOVED it! She was running all over looking at all the animals, and we couldn't get her out of the fish tank.. everything was, "Daddy's Fish!" Pretty funny! For Avery’s Birthday we told Ramona that we were going up to Rex’s in Lava for the weekend to celebrate. She knew Nick’s sister Kathy, and great family friend Tami were coming into town too.. so we thought it would be fun to go up there where we could all hang out.. all at the same house… little did she know we also had some other things up our sleeves!  Me? Never! Ha! Ha! Nick’s Niece and I, Lalena thought it would be great to have all the family that could also come in for the weekend because Ramona was also turning 80 on the 17th and we wanted to do something special for her! We didn’t know if we could do it.. but we kept it a secret for 2 whole months.. that was so hard for me as most of you know! Ha! Ha! I get so excited about stuff like this and usually give it up.. but not this time! So Lalena and her Daughter Mary Jane, Nick’s brother George and also his Nephew, Niles and his family were also able to come and visit.. Rex came home from Mexico.. and Nick’s other Brother.. Uncle Bub and Nephew Seneca and his girlfriend Mandy came up with us! It was so fun… until we all got sick with the flu! Little Mary Jane got the flu Thursday night when she got to our house and boy, did it spread like WILDFIRE! So needless to say, little Avery had the flu on her Birthday.. but it didn’t stop her much! She'd get sick... and then get up and start singing her Barney songs and clapping! Yep, She was a trooper! I can tell you this… after a week of cleaning up throw up and having the flu myself.. I need another vacation! Having the flu is Over Rated!

Needless to say, we had a great time visiting with everyone and miss them already! We were able to relax, watch movies and just enjoy each other’s company! I’m so glad they were all able to come and can’t wait until the next time! Avery and I went for a little walk to get some photos for her birthday! There was so much snow, and not too many places to go.. hope you enjoy! I can’t believe my Baby is already 2 Years Old!

When we got home Monday.. we had another birthday party for her with my family and Ramona and Uncle Bub came too… it was pretty fun! Thanks to everyone for making her birthday special! We love our families so much! I know I say this often.. but we are both very blessed to have such great families! So Happy Birthday Avery and Happy 80th Birthday Mom! We love you!

I took Avery out again the other day by our house and tried to take some cute photos for her birthday.. she wouldn’t smile much… note to self.. don’t try and have a photo session during nap time! Ha! Ha! I think they still turned out cute! She’s getting so big!

The rest of the photos are coming soon! There are so many to sift through.. but they are worth waiting for! ha! ha! At least I think so! I'll get them on here monday.. they are on my other computer!


TheDooleys4 said...

Happy Birthday little Avery! She is so adorable!

Kellie said...

Happy Birthday AVEIE!! we love you little sweetie! and we love your MOMMA~
looks like you guys have been busy, glad everything went good.