Saturday, January 31, 2009

Here's a Sneak Peek!

Okay! So the building and painting is FINALLY DONE! Yeah! I can't even tell you just how big of a project this turned out to be! After 4 coats of Brown, 5 coats of Red, 3 coats of White and two falls off the ladder.. it's finally over! I am so excited! Yeah! I fell of the ladder twice.. once with a whole thing of paint in my hand.. I'll tell you what.. this project was a trial for me! I've been getting really bad migraine's and getting very dizzy and blacking out... and even passed out twice.. any way... I got really dizzy and blacked out while on the ladder and fell off... I'm okay! No worries.. the second one I really tweaked my back though... so I've been a little sore.. thank goodness Nick and I are going to sit in the Hot Tub tonight! Yeah! I'm going to sit and soak! :) I let Preston pick out his color so he would feel involved and seeing how he's a teenager now.. I thought it was important that he got something he liked... and in Avery's room.. I went with the Red... I was a little nervous because I am not a very BOLD person and I thought it might be too bold for me.. plus a few of you said you didn't think it would look good... I do have to tell you I am so glad I went with the Red... I LOVE it! I think it looks so good! I'm very excited how it all turned out! I couldn't have done this remodel with out my Dad helping me build the shelves and putting them together.. that took ALL Day.. and my Mom coming to help me put a coat on them as well! Thanks Mom and Dad! I love you guys so much and don't know what I would do without you! I will post more photos when I get the shelves totally decorated and the rooms put back together too! I just wanted to show a sneak peek for all of you who keeping wanting to see photos! So here you go!
Here's also a little update of the things besides remodeling... that we've been up to. Avery can count to 13 all by herself! Sing her ABC's ALL the way through... All by herself... and is trying to show us all that she is the boss of the house.. that doesn't fly well with me as most of you know! ha! ha! The other night.. I called Preston to dinner... she goes to the stairs and says, "Peston... come eat Now! Mom Said!" Okay.. she's not even two yet! Then she wanted me to come here and I was right in the middle of something... so I told her I would be there in one minute... she furthers to say.. "Come here NOW!" and points her finger to her side! Oh Yes She Did! I about died.. she usually isn't so bossy... it's all just started here in the last few weeks... I'm besides myself because Preston was so mellow... and how many of you have called me the Nazi Mom???? Okay! I'm thinking Avery is going to give me a run for my money and get in trouble more that I can even imagine... She can be so sweet... and usually is.. she loves to say Please and Thank You. Yet I think she's still going to have a rude awakening! ha! ha! She is talking so much and I can believe the funny things that come out of her mouth.. she is still a little cleaner.. sometimes.. TOO MUCH! She loves to clean which normally is great.. but not in a NON childproof home! She keeps us all rolling.. has the cutest expressions and still is the apple of our eye...

Preston has been very busy still playing basketball and baseball.. a normal night for us is going from basketball to baseball... He's still doing very well in school and loving the thought that he's going to be in 9th grade next year! His basketball team is doing very well... and he loves being on a team with his close friends and winning... He's growing into a great young man. I am so proud of him! I am just having a really hard time he's growing up so fast... between the deep voice and finally being taller than I am... really has hit home!

These photos of Avery are after she's been helping me with the remodel... I think I got all the paint off her! :) I can't believe she is going to be two years old here in another couple weeks! It makes me want to cry! We are very excited for Grandma Ramona to come in town from South Dakota... she's also going to be celebrating her 80th birthday while she's here... I'll have more photos of that. We are having most of Nick's family fly in for the weekend of Valentines and Avery's Birthday to surprise her. She has NO idea! She just thinks she's coming for Avery's birthday! Little does she know! ha! ha! I'm so excited for everyone to come! It's going to be so much fun!


Heath694 said...

Kerrie, You're amazing and those rooms look adorable and a lot of work!!! I hope you're feeling better and happy birthday to Avery in a couple of weeks!

roylance family said...

Hey Kerrie,

Holy Cow you are amazing. Sounds like you have your hands full. Your rooms are great. Anyways I'm glad you found our blog. I love hearing from people I know. I can't believe Preston is a teenager. My oldest is just turning 12 today, it has me freaked out. Plus she is my extremely busy kid. Love your blog. Talk to ya later. Nicci

Kellie said...

Ok you need to come help me do those shelves! I love them! Avery is a doll, I really miss her.
I hope you are doing good... Love ya girl!