Monday, September 22, 2008

Happy Anniversary.... and a FULL Weekend!

I first have to say, "Happy Anniversary" to Mr. Nick! I can't believe how fast the time goes! You always sit and hear all this mushy stuff on anniversaries.. about how wonderful they are and just how much you love them! This is all true... but it's also some of the hardest times you face too! I forgot just how hard being married is! Especially being on my own with Preston for so long! I don't regret it though for one moment.. I have been looking back on our life and thinking about how bad I wanted to find someone to spend my life with, be a father figure to Pres, have more kids... I thought it would never come! That I wouldn't be able to find Mr. Right! I think I was living in fairytale land! ha! ha! Don't get me wrong... I LOVE my husband... but it really is hard to live with someone and the differences you both have! I have had to learn not to be so stubborn on certain things... have had to be a little more lax on the Type A CLEAN FREAK... realize what things are small things and learning to compromise and work together! It sure has made me grow! Yet the love that you share is so worth it! Times get hard no matter how great your marriage is! I've learned you just have to take it one day at a time, be the best you can everyday and work together so you can grow together! Thanks for all the ups and downs honey! They both just make us stronger!

Okay! So our weekend was one of emotional bliss and compassion! Friday, Nick and Preston went Antelope hunting.. and they got one! You would think I would get used to the dead animals hanging in my garage seeing how I'm married to Mr. Hunter! ha! ha! Talk about sick! Then he wants me to come sit and talk to him while he's skinning and cleaning this thing up! I have a pretty tough stomach.. but it's not the funnest thing to do! But like I said above... you have to work together to grow together! ha! ha! Do things that the other ones likes, even though it might not be your favorite thing! It shows that you care about the other ones feelings and likes right? ha! ha! Plus Preston got his first Cotton Tail! He was so excited... until he started to clean it and it had WORMS! I about threw up! I won't tell you what Preston thought they were... ha! ha! I was trying to be the supportive mother and help him.. until Nick came over and told us what that BIG thing moving around was! Then I was out of there! ha! ha! I made Preston disinfect over and over and over... and then scrub some more!

Saturday was the big "Race for Trace". Can I just tell you thank you to all of you who helped support this great cause! I can't even begin to thank you enough! The support that was received was tremendous! There were so many people there who didn't even know the little family! They just heard about their story and wanted to support them! It brought tears to my eyes! Tracy even walked and made it the whole way. Even after just having surgery a few days before! She is such a trooper! She amazes me! I am so proud of her! Her strength is such an inspiration! She has such an amazing outlook on this trial she is facing! Her attitude is so positive and loving! She is Tough as Nails and I only hope I can carry myself the way she does! Her faith is so strong! I am envious of how obedient she remains! What a great example she is to all!

Preston had baseball games all day Saturday and he did an amazing job! He's playing catcher a lot and can I just tell you he has an arm. He threw out 4 people Saturday! I was so proud of him! Good job bud!

We weren't able to go the funeral of the little baby that past away.. We talked to the family and they are so strong! Yet another inspiration! I have been in tears ever since I learned the baby didn't make it... Holding Avery and just crying! Yet here are two young parents holding tight to their faith and having the strength to turn it over to God! Nick and I have talked so much about this and I don't know how I could handle loosing my child! I watched my Mom when my brother died and I thought that was hard and he was a grown man. I can't imagine loosing a young child! It sure makes you realize just how important it is having faith in your life! It makes you realize how fragile life can be and not to take those your love for granted! I want my children, Nick, family, friends and everyone I come in contact with just how great they are... every day! It really makes you re-evaluate your life and realize just what's important! I hope I can work harder and be better at the things that matter most!

I can't believe it's Fall! Yeah! I love fall! I love the Holiday's! I love decorating my house, making crafts... everything that goes with Fall! I'm so excited! Plus I am enjoying the cooler weather! Happy Fall Yall! ha! ha!


Kellie said...

Ok it really does take a good lady to help skin and clean a dead animal... KOODOS to you..

The Wiseman's said...

Hi Kerrie it is Missy! Just found your blog and wanted to tell you how precious the kids are. Long time no see, Hope all is well. Keep in touch!

Brenda Hurd said...

awww - i'm so glad to finally see a picture of you on this thing! You guys are so cute - your kids are darling and Happy Anniversary! I so wish i could make it to your thing on the 11th - but i will be out of town. Good luck - and your such a great person and so supportive of those you love!

Jen said...

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