Sunday, September 7, 2008

Fikstad Family Picnic some Baseball and Cute Photos of our Little Girl

So it's been such a busy week... again! ha! ha! We happened to have a power outage so Avery and I decided to build some bracelets.... Avery was such a big helper... as you can tell! They sure turned out cute though!

Preston started playing baseball on his new team "The Sandlot". He's playing in the Rocky Mountain League again in the comp league. The team he's on will be really good for him! The coach is great and he really likes the kids! I'm excited to spend my whole Saturday's at the ball park again! ha! ha! It's fun.. I'm just not sure how Avery will fair.

We were able to get together with my Fikstad Family again for our annual Family Picnic at the park! It's always fun to get together and spend some time with my family! It's a big family.. but also a great family! We love you guys!

Avery likes the camera! She's such a ham! She already poses for the camera and yells, "Cheese"! She's walking all over, climbing up on the couch all by herself... talking up a storm.. learning her animals and sounds.. still counting and singing her ABC's. She even gets some of the letters right.. even though the tune is right on! She loves to sing... it's actually really cute! Her new thing is wrestling with her Brother! He thought that was fun.. teaching her to run and jump on him! I never knew two kids could have so much fun together... with 12 years difference! They are buddies.. it's a bond like no other! I love it!

Hope you enjoy the photos!

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Brenda Hurd said...

wow - it is so good to see your cute family - thanks for the comment on my blog. It looks like your doing well and are up to alot of good. The world needs more people like you in it! Hope to keep in touch!