Thursday, December 3, 2009

Halloween, South Dakota, Festival of Trees & Family Fun

Here are some fun photos of little Miss Avery. She is such a ham and LOVES being outside!
I know this is a little late.. but, better late than never right? ha! ha! So thanks, all of you who have been asking where the photos are, for being so patient with me.

Grandma Monie (Nick's Mom) was able to come visit from South Dakota for several weeks. It's always so fun having her here to share in our special memories. We just Love her so much! Uncle Bub, Grandma and Avery and I took a little ride one day up to Snow Basin to see the pretty leaves, had lunch at the Oaks and enjoyed the day together. Here are some fun photos!
We had a lot of fun having Grandma Monie and Auntie Kathy in town with us for Halloween! We carved lots and lots of pumpkins, dressed up as a scary site and trick or treated our little hearts OUT! We miss them so much when they are gone! It's always fun to have Nick's family all together when they come to visit! Here's some fun photos of the kids with their Grandma, Auntie Kathy and Uncle Bub.. Hope you enjoy! Don't forget to check the slide show at the bottom for lots more fun photos!
Then we were off to South Dakota for Thanksgiving! What a great time we had! Seeing Uncle Stan and Auntie Delphie.. Kenny and Ruth, Les & AlMarie, Francis and Bobby, Wallie and Judy and last but not least... Grandpa Richard and Grandma Monie. It was such a good time! We went to Mount Rushmore and Bear Country. It was a blast! The kids had never been there before, so it was a great time! Avery LOVED the faces in the mountains and all the Bears. It's something you never get tired of! We miss our family so much and hope they know we love them! The kids did very good with the 12 hour drive. They watched their movies and did great! The puppy even traveled really well.. yes, we just got a 6 week old puppy and took her with us! She was a trooper! Her name is "Gaddy".

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David and Camillia said...

You are busy busy busy! I cant believe how big Avery is getting she is so cute! Hope all is well!