Thursday, July 16, 2009

So MUCH to do... so LITTLE Time!

Okay, so once again... I am way behind on things! ha! ha! I realized I haven't posted any of Preston's baseball photos, which some of you have commented on... the 4th of July or any thing else that has been happening this summer. I have been getting ready for the "Treasure Box Boutique" which is on Saturday and I feel with Avery being so sick and everything else we have been doing.. this has been on the back burner.

Did I tell you that Preston even has a Job? Yep, he's officially employed at the Snowie Shack. He actually makes pretty good money and is loving it... needless to say, I am addicted to "Snowies". Baseball has quit for a little bit, but we are getting ready to play in another tournament over the 24th of July. I can't wait! I have missed it! We seriously were on such a great team this year, I was actually sad to have the season over! Thank goodness for Fall Baseball! :) Preston's Jr. High Baseball team ended up playing in the playoffs at Raptor's Stadium which was awesome! They beat North Ogden Jr. High and went to the Championship game on Preston's Birthday and lost to Wahlquist by 1 run... it was an awesome game though! Preston did great! How do you like Little Avery dancing to the tunes? Isn't she a crack up? It was awesome playing at Raptor Stadium because they had an announcer and music playing just like they do when you are at the Raptors game! It was quite the ta-do for these boys!

The kids were in the 4th of July Parade at Plain City again this year. This year, we entered the boat and the kids and I rode on it promoting Nick's fishing club. I wasn't supposed to be riding, but Avery wouldn't go with out me! So what does a mother do for her chitlins??? Endures! ha! ha! We had a great time though, then we went down to Hooper for the Fireworks. Preston also played in a 3 on 3 basketball tournament with some of his buddies. They took 2nd over all in their age bracket. It was pretty cool! The 4th of July is one of my most favorite holiday's.Avery has been very sick. She's been getting her 2 year molars, and we thought all of this was just because of that... then she got a earache, which we just thought was one more thing. Then she got a fever of 104 that wouldn't break. So we again, took her back to the doctor and they thought she had silent phenomena.. her blood count was only 2 points away from the scary high.. so I was freaking out! She tested negative for Swine Flu thank goodness, but it comes down to she has what's called Hyper angina. She has open sores all down her throat. She won't hardly drink, let a lone eat. She's getting a little dehydrated and they want to watch her so they don't have to hospitalize her to get her back hydrated. We are bribing her and also doing the syringe thing... so hopefully she gets better soon! It's so sad to see her this sick. The crazy thing about it is, these are not all related!

Here are some fun photos of the kids and more of the stuff we have been up to! We love you guys!

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Ali said...

I love the pictures!! I am sooo sorry about your baby, I feel bad she has been so sick...hopefully it keeps getting better SOON!!! love you