Saturday, December 6, 2008

Thanksgiving... and Christmas Lights

We had such a Great Thanksgiving Holiday! Nick's Mom and Step-Dad came into town from South Dakota. We love it when they come! It always seems like the time goes by so fast before they have to leave. This Thanksgiving we spent it with Nick's family up in Lava at his Brother-in-law's (Rex) house. What a great time we had. It's always sad when we can't be with both families on the Holiday's but we sure had a fun time with them in town. It was Richard's birthday while they were here, so I baked a cake for him and we had Uncle Bub (Nick's Brother) over too and we had dinner and celebrated. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANDPA! Avery LOVED the cake.. as you will be able to tell in the photos below! It was pretty cute! We also decorated the Christmas Tree so they could experience a little bit of Christmas with us too where they won't be back for Christmas.. they got both Holiday's. The house was decorated for Thanksgiving when they got here and Christmas when they left! Avery Loved helping decorate the tree. Seneca (Nick's Nephew) and his girlfriend Mandy also spent the weekend with us too! It was great family time! We are so blessed to have great family on Both sides.. It was hard to come home back to reality. Nick and I went for a great 4 wheeler ride too up to the top of Baldy Mountain. We hit snow and the temp. dropped immensely by the time we got to the top. Of course I didn't have a coat on! Me and my never getting cold! I was still pretty warm though.. Nick got the blunt of it being in front! Sorry Babe! ha! ha! We were hoping to see lots of animals.. Elk, Moose, Deer, Coyote, Grouse... seeing how they are usually all over.. needless to say, because I was there.. we didn't see any! It was fun to watch Avery with her family... she has everyone wrapped right around that little finger of hers!

When we got home, Nick, Avery and I along with Mom and Richard went to see the Christmas Lights at Christmas Village. It was so much fun! Avery loves the lights. It was the night of the lights parade and after there was a horse at the lights that was all lit up.. Avery Loved the Horse. She kept calling him buddy! It was so cute! So we had to pet him.. and pet him.. and pet him! ha! ha! We need to go again because Preston went with his Dad for Thanksgiving to spend some time! He had a great time with his Dad and Brothers, being with his Melle side of the family. I don't think he's ever spent Thanksgiving with his Melle Family, so it was really nice for him! We missed him very much though.. that's the hardest part of split families... having to share the kids, the Holiday's and the memories... You just have to make the best of it!

Rex's house is so nice! It's up by the mountain and on the golf course in Lava. We hung out on the back patio and enjoyed the scenery. He had heater tables that are really nice.. we deep fried the turkey which was delicious and watched scary movies. All in all.. it was a great weekend. Avery loved being outside running around everywhere... looking at her big shadow on the wrap around deck... and playing with Gunner.. the dog.

Today Preston had his first wrestling meet! He took 3rd Place! Yeah! He got a medal and everything! Then he went to Logan with his Dad and got his hunter safety all finalized so he can now officially hunt with his Dad and Nick. He's very excited...

Today was the day I finally got to see "Twilight". Can I tell you, it was the longest two weeks! My Mom, Kaitlynn and Emily, (My Nieces) My Grandma Fikstad, 4 Aunts and 6 of my cousins all went along with Avery and I. It was lots of fun. Then we went to lunch! Avery was so good in the movie.. it was a great day spending a girls day with my family.... I LOVED the Movie! It was soo good!

I hope you enjoy the slide show... Avery is such a crack up! She loves the camera! She is talking SO much.. can I tell you a funny? She can say all of our names but Nicks. When we tell her to say Nick... she calls him "Dink". ha! ha! How funny! So Nick now has a new nickname! ha! ha! You are all now allowed to call him... "Dink"!


Heath694 said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Isn't it fun to spend time with family you rarely get to see? I LOVE looking at all your cute pictures. Both Avery and Preston are completely beautiful. Avery is definitely your daughter. I see you in her and Preston is just adorable...he reminds me of my 12-year-old who has been my best friend and one of the great loves of my life. Boys are so fun! I hope you guys have a fantastic Christmas season!

Rip Curl Mom said...

Your little family is so cute Ker. I just have one request, some pics of you sister! Where is your beautiful smiling face?

I am so glad you loved Twilight too. It's so fun. The next 2 books are signed to start filming too. WOOHOO!

Kellie said...

Oh I cant wait to see Nick!
Fun pictures, looks like you had a great time...
we really need to get together, Had's is going through a AVEIE withdrawl everytime we pass your house she keeps saying "Out Aveies" out "Avies"
Love ya girl

The Wiseman's said...

Holy cow can't believe how Preston has grown! you have such an adorable family. She is a heart breaker!!