Thursday, November 6, 2008

Halloween Photos & Boutique

Wow! What a few weeks it has been! Between Halloween festivities and getting ready for my Boutique.. I have spent countless hours running and staying up all night painting! It was so nice to go to bed last night at 8:30 PM... yep! I said 8:30! and Avery and I didn't get out of bed until 9 AM this morning! I was up of course running Preston to school.. but went right back in and cuddled with my favorite little girl and watched cartoons! Running on 2-5 hours a night of sleep for the past 2 weeks has really caught up with me! So now today, it's cleaning this house! I set up for my boutique last night so the crafts are out of my kitchen and dinning room and it's time to scrub and clean everything up! Yeah for me huh? ha! ha!

Halloween was so much fun.. except for the rain. Avery loved it! Absolutely Loved it! Preston spent the day with his buddies because they were out of school, then came home to be with his sister to go Trick or Treating... then we took him back to hang out with his friends. He didn't want to miss being with his sister! How cool is that, that he'd come home just to go with little Avery! What a great kid he is! So Preston, Mommy and Daddy.. along with Uncle Bub went out trucking around the neighborhood letting our little Caterpillar going door to door! She didn't want to stop! She'd knock on the door, say "Trick Treat" and then get her candy and want to go in and visit everyone who was home. She thought opening the door meant, "Come on in and look around!" ha! ha! It was pretty funny! Good thing everyone else thought it was cute too! So we had a great dinner, played with Uncle Bub and Trick or Treated with the family. What could be better?

Here is the info about the Boutique if you want to go! There are so many fun things.. even to just get out and look around! Plus Javier's will be there! Great Mexican food as most of you know! Yummy! Hope you can make it! Also, along with the photos of our Halloween night.. are photos of some of the things I've been working on for so long... many of you wanted to see what I was doing.. so here you go!

St. James Catholic Church
495 North Harrison Blvd.
Ogden, Utah

November 7-8
10 AM- 8 PM

November 9

60 Booths filled with gifts for the whole family- Just in time for your Holiday shopping!

Enter to win Great Prizes!



Brenda Hurd said...

look how cute she is in that costume! Glad you had a good Halloween. It was kinda strange not being here for it.
Good luck with the botique - i wish i could come check it out. Im leaving town AGAIN this weekend. Hope it goes well for you!

Kanion said...

Hey I was just wondering where do you get your wood for your crafts? I love to do stuff like that, but I wasn't sure where to get it.

Heath694 said...

Hey Kerrie, what a cute little caterpillar! Your son is adorable with her. I love to see siblings love each other. It is so great for a mom. I wish I could be in Utah for the craft fair. We are so craft deprived here in Seattle! Your crafts are so cute!

Ali said...

Ker your family is darling!! I love all your crafts, I wish I could come...that is a ton of work....good for you!!! You are very talented!!
love ya